Spring International organised mass awareness and social mobilisation campaign regarding Arms Control in conflict affected areas of district Swat. Various events were organised in schools, mosques and local community to educate people about the menace of uncontrolled arms trade.

Who we are:

we are:

SPRING Int is registered in UK by the name of SPRING INT with the
Registrar of companies under section 1115 of the companies Act 2006 bearing
registration no 7645169 as company
limited by guarantee with a charitable status since 2010.

SPRING is also working and registered in Pakistan as
non-governmental organization working since January 2010 and registered with Directorate
of Social Welfare and Women Development Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under registration
number DSW/KPK/3535.  


SPRING vision is one where people effected by conflict and their leaders are able to work effectively with international support to prevent violence, to resolve their armed conflicts and to build more peaceful societies. We believe conflicts can be transformed peacefully and that peace making and peace building are essential in helping to lay foundations for more just and inclusive societies.


To prevent violence, promote justice and transform conflicts into opportunities for development.

Our goals are to:

support people working at local, national and international levels to develop effective solutions to social, economic and political problems related to violent conflictsprovide opportunities for inclusive dialogue and improved relationships within communities and across conflict divides at all social and political levelsinfluence governments and other decision makers to employ conflict transformation policies that promote alternatives to violenceimprove peacemaking practice and policies by promoting learning
from peace processes around the worldchallenge stereotypes and increase public awareness of human rights, conflict and peace issues in divided societies.

SPRING Believes:

That sustainable peace results from locally owned solutions to violent conflicts, complemented by strategic national and international support.  We live in a world of conflicts, heavily armed and unequally violent. Where you are born strongly influences your opportunities and vulnerabilities

SPRING Objectives:

Ø  Strengthening the role of local communities for  contributing to sustainable peace and development in conflict-ridden and at-risk communities

Ø  Promote  peace building initiatives that engages youth as active  participants in development,

Ø  Work at local, national and international levels to develop effective solutions to social, economic and political problems related to violent conflicts

Ø  Work for children, families, and their communities  to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice

Ø  Equal provision of resources to all deprived group of society through normative gender framework

Ø  Child and youth development

Ø  To design and implement, peace education through formal/informal ways and means, capacity building, training programs, use of print and electronic media for peace education, and intermediary interventions in conflict zones to support the people to exercise
their fundamental right to live and grow with full human dignity and sustainable security;

Ø  Socio- economic uplift of the population through resource management, peoples’ participation and effective partnership with Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations working in the area.

Ø   Increase in efficiencies and effectiveness of the organizations providing services through institutional networking.

Ø   Assistance in capacity building of grassroots organizations through training, technical support, networking and linkages.

Ø   Contribution to Institutional Reforms & Good Governance initiatives at grassroots level.


SPRING takes pride in presenting itself as a highly value based organization. Transparency, Trust, Confidentiality, Truthfulness, Participation, Honesty and Democracy are core value of SPRING.


While being sensitive to the local cultural and religious norms and practices, SPRING approach towards developmental activities is based upon Community participation, Facilitation and Advocacy. SPRING is not a "doer" but is a facilitator and acts as catalyst for running the development process.

An important element of SPRING interventions is the active involvement of local communities right from the need identification to planning, implementation and maintenance stage to ensure ownership and sustainability.

List title
  • Social Moblisation

    Spring International Social Mobilisaiton Activities in the community.

  • Peace & Tolerance

    Spring Activists organised Peacebuilding, Tolerance and Arms Control awareness activities in local schools.

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